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October 08, 2015: I am very excited to present Intensity's new layout! This is the first layout change since I opened the site in August of 2010, so it's been a long time coming. I am pleased with how it turned out, and I hope you are, too. :) There is no new content to go along with the new look, but that is something I can focus better on now that the former is out of the way. Check back soon to see some new articles and updates to existing ones, and in the meantime, enjoy the revamp!

May 30, 2014: Sorry for not updating in such a long time! Despite evidence to the contrary, this site is still a high priority of mine. I have added a new article to the "Detective" section, titled "Injuries Sustained". It's basically a look at the times that Elliot has been injured on the job. Hopefully that's not too masochistic of me.. but I thought it was an interesting subject to discuss. I do hope you enjoy it! I am very happy to have updated this site with some new content after so long. I plan on adding even more, though I hope to do so sooner rather than later, so keep checking back here from time to time!

September 22, 2012: I am honored and thrilled to announce that Intensity won Shrine Spotlight at Amassment! I'm really excited about this and it just makes me so happy to know that my love for Elliot has reached people through this shrine. :) You can read more about the win here. Thank you again to the awesome folks at Amassment, with special thanks to Todd for nominating the site and Aku for choosing it. And Amassment as a whole has my gratitude and appreciation. ♥

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