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olivia benson

Detective Olivia Benson is Elliot's partner, and has been for the majority of the series. Much as I love Elliot, I can't imagine having him for a partner being easy. Yet Olivia has been with him for such a long time and through so much, she proves she is tough in ways Elliot himself is not. These two have an incredible dynamic, and their partnership (often seen as something more than that) is a fan-favorite. They always have each other's back in a job that demands trust, respect and the willingness to put yourself in danger for the safety of others. They are two different people with the same goal. At the end of the day, they care for each other on more than a professional level, something you can't deny whether you ship them or not.

Compare & Contrast: the cliche of "different, but the same"
Too close?: a question that seems unanswerable
Feigning Contempt: an interesting and suprising tactic
My view: to ship, or not to ship

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