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If you're guilty, and you're being interrogated by Elliot Stabler, kiss your chance of walking goodbye. Elliot is nothing if not a ball-buster in the box. He can practically smell when a person is lying and he knows how to get the truth out of them. He gets right into a suspect's face, barely giving them room to breathe, and questions them until they burst with a confession. He's a lot tougher than his partner Olivia, who tends to focus more on words alone when questioning a suspect. Elliot does use words, of course, but he also can get physical.

While on the subject of Olivia, it's also fun to note that the two of them work well together in the box. They have been known to act as though they are fighting with each other in order to get information out of a suspect. They are such good partners that they are "too convincing", according to Cragen. Just another example of how these two are more than partners (which is of course, another section entirely. Hint: click the link if you haven't been there already!)

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