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Something I realized one day when watching an SVU marathon is that Elliot seems to get injured on the job a lot. It made me think of a cat with nine lives. While this may not be a terribly insightful subject to focus on, I do think it's rather interesting. It also might prove just how badass Elliot really is, and that's a plus in my book.

Being a cop, you'd think Elliot would be injured by guns the most. However, he has actually been hurt by a number of different weapons and even by human hands alone. Below are some examples. I have tried to include every major/serious injury that I can think of. I may have forgotten/missed some, so don't be surprised if this list is updated in the future.

gunshot wounds

• Elliot gets shot in the arm by the son of a white supremacist in episode 07.06, "Raw". He avoids being outright killed thanks to the actions of Dana Lewis, an undercover agent with the FBI, who takes out the shooter.
• Elliot is shot in episode 10.07, "Wildlife". He had been working undercover to infiltrate an animal smuggling ring. The man he is working under loses trust in him and shoots Elliot after dropping him off on the street. A good samaritan rushes to his side and assures Elliot that an ambulance is on the way, and Olivia (who had been tailing Elliot and the smuggler) shows up shortly after.


• Once again, Dana Lewis is around when Elliot is knocked out by an explosion. This happens in 08.01, "Informed". Elliot and Dana are searching a suspect's cabin and Elliot happens upon some dynamite in a freezer. He is able to safely return the dynamite to where he found it, and he and Dana leave the house. However, shortly after they exit the house, it explodes and sends them both flying. Dana gets up, but Elliot is unconscious. He is okay, but taken to the hospital to be checked out anyway.


• In episode 11.03, "Solitary", Elliot is pushed off a building by a man he is attempting to apologize to. Luckily, he does not fall all the way to the street, but to a lower level rooftop below. It's probably thanks to this that he survives.

head injuries

• A kidnapper and child molester is in the process of being arrested by Elliot when he pushes Elliot's head into a car window. He does this so forcefully that the window breaks. And it is later revealed by a doctor that Elliot's brain bounced off the front and back of his skull from the force. (Yikes!) Elliot suffers from temporary blindness as a result of this injury. (Episode 09.07, "Blinded")


• A very angry boy stabs Elliot in the chest with a pen in episode 08.08, "Cage". He almost passes out, and I am led to wonder if that's a result of shock more than the actual stab wound. He is taken to the hospital and bandaged up, back to work in no time.
• In "Zebras" (10.22), Elliot is cut with a knife by Stuckey several times. Stuckey does this to torture him, not to kill him, so he doesn't outright stab Elliot. He slices into him. It's very hard to watch, but Elliot comes out of it okay thanks to Olivia.

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