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Elliot and Olivia are similar in many ways. They are both strong, passionate and dedicated individuals. They both strive for justice and have committed themselves to helping victims of terrible crimes. The two detectives are each polite and professional, and both have good intuition as well as a sense of how to judge people. Elliot and Olivia both work very well with children. While they can both be tough as nails with perpetrators, they can each just as easily be gentle, compassionate figures the next, comforting a frightened child or giving condolences to grieving parents. They are similar in their dedication to each other, as well. Elliot has Olivia's back and vice versa. And they both know this.

Of course, they are not exactly the same. They have their differences, and at times, these differences can be very pronounced. One such example is the way in which Elliot and Olivia treat suspects in the interrogation room. Olivia tends to be more patient and speaks normally during questioning, while Elliot usually gets angry and in-your-face if a suspect won't confess. He'll shout at and shove the suspect, trying his best to break them. Olivia will use other tactics, and though she can raise her voice, too, she tends to be more matter-of-fact when she is talking to the suspect. In other words, she is the calm and Elliot is the storm. One way or another, the suspect usually comes clean under their influence.

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